Micromobil Mail and Cloud Server

This page is visible to the outside world, so all the available services are protected by passwords. You must log in with your email account (looks like yourname@yourdomain.be) and your password.

OwnCloud calendar, contact, and file sharing
Cloud sharing, in private
Use owncloud to share your data and files with others, using the Web and other standards like WebDAV, CardDAV, and CalDAV. You'll find client programs, whatever your device: Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.
RoundCube Webmail
State-of-the-art webmail
RoundCube Webmail is a sophisticated AJAX webmail client, with functionality to rival dedicated mail clients.
Mailbox user settings
Out-of-office automated reply, mail forward, change password
Mailbox users on this server can create their own vacation auto-response messages, and turn them off when they are no longer needed. Users can configure forwarding of incoming mail to other accounts. Users can change their own password here as well.
Random password generator
Generate random, pronouncable passwords
Generate a series of random, but pronouncable (and hopefully memorable) passwords.